Is my home right for solar?

You own a home

You have > 100 sq. feet of unshaded roof space

Your roof is in good condition



you’re probably a good candidate for solar.

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What type of panels are best?



Thin Film

Cost per watt

Energy per sq feet


= Good relative performance

= Great relative performance

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Should I buy or lease?

Solar Lease/ PPA

Purchase/ Finance

Greater potential Return
on Investment (ROI)

Lower Upfront Cost

Greater Tax Credits

Lower Maintenance

= Good relative performance

= Great relative performance

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What parts will be installed?

Click on a part to learn more about it

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How can I get the best deal?

  • Compare at least 3 companies
  • Record warranty information
  • Ask about the contractors experience and industry certifications
  • Check online reviews
  • Compare the cost-per-watt for an apples-to-apples comparison between different systems

Compare Solar Companies

Compare important data on solar companies near you, including cost per watt, solar panel equipment used, and more. Data is currently available for companies in Los Angeles, San Diego, Southern California, San Fransisco, Sacramento, and the Bay Area.

See how much your solar panels will cost using SolarIQ, the industry’s leading solar cost estimation tool.