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Top-Rated Solar Companies in Tucson AZ

September 23, 2014, Brooks Lape

Each year, Solar Tribune selects the top rated solar installation companies in the Tucson area. Our selection is based on industry certifications and consumer reviews.

technicians-for-sustainabilityTechnicians For Sustainability

Technicians For Sustainability is one of the premier solar energy companies in the Tucson area. The company specializes in solar installations for private and commercial residences. Solar electric and solar hot water systems are among this company’s specialties. Having been in existence since 2003, the company is one of the oldest and most well respected in the Southern Arizona region.

The company prides itself on its official “mission statement”, which emphasizes its goal to provide clean, inexhaustible solar energy to Southern Arizona at the lowest possible price. Technicians For Sustainability has long held itself to extremely high standards when it comes to ethical and ecological matters, and its commitment to the people and environment of Arizona is one to be admired and emulated.

Technicians For Sustainability can be contacted via their official company website, or by phone at 520-740-0736.


Another excellent provider of solar energy in the Southern Arizona area is Solarcity. In contrast to Technicians For Sustainability, Solarcity exists to service primarily residential, rather than strictly commercial, locations.

The goal that Solarcity embraces is to provide its customers with clean, fully sustainable solar energy via the installation of special solar panels that fit neatly on to the roof of your home. The difference between Solarcity and most other solar energy providers is that the company provides the installation of these panels free of charge.

Unlike Technicians For Sustainability, whose mission goal is largely local, Solarcity is very much a presence throughout the entire United States. However, when it comes to creative safe, sustainable, and affordable solar energy, both companies are very much on the same page.

Solarcity can be contacted at their official company website, or at 888-765-2489.

net-zero-solarNet Zero Solar

Another leading provider of clean solar power in the Tucson area is Net Zero Solar. Like Technicians For Sustainability, the company is primarily local, serving the city of Tucson and its surrounding areas. Also like Technicians For Sustainability, the company specializes in providing solar power installations to both residential and commercial locations.

Net Zero Solar is focused on providing clean, sustainable solar energy to the Tucson area. The company also has a special focus on contributing to the growth of the local economy by creating jobs. The creation of a solar energy infrastructure in the Tucson area is thus an object of special concern for the company.

The company has won special recognition from the Southern Arizona Solar Standards Board on several occasions. This is the regulatory body that oversees the development and maintenance of solar energy standards in the region.

Net Zero Solar can be contacted at its official company website, or at 520-207-4053.

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