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Thin-film PV modules. Photo Credit: Hevel Solar

The solar power plant in Alt Daber near Wittstock was constructed on the site of a former Soviet airforce base. The decentral power plant covers an area equivalent to over 162 football pitches and provides up to 19,000 four-person households with solar power. Photo Credit: Belectric

Credit: ARENA

Credit: Vortex Engineering

Credit: U.S. Army

Credit: Nanyang Technological University

Credit: Solar Impulse

National Solar Schools Consortium

Credit: GRID Alternatives

Credit: GTM Research and SEIA

Veterans in Solar

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Credit: SunEdison

A rooftop solar installation in Gujarat. Credit: Azure Power

credited_Ivanpah solar power tower

SolarCity CEO, Lyndon Rive, installs a panel on a school in Nicaragua in 2013. Credit: SolarCity

An iPod connected to a solar battery. Credit: Reuters

Credit: Westmill Solar Cooperative