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Baker Electric Solar has been providing electricity to Southern California for over 75 years.

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Featured Reviews

  • Rosaria – San Diego

    We just had Baker Electric install our system. Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and informative, including the technicians. Polite and professional every step of the way.

  • Elizabeth – Escondido

    I really like that Baker Electric uses SunPower panels, and they did a very good job installing them on our home in Los Angeles. Post-installation customer service hasn’t been quite as great though. Our inverter needed to be replaced a couple times, and it took about a month to have them replaced. While we believe the delay was with SunPower, Baker Electric should have done more to get things moving.

  • Janelle – San Diego

    We chose Baker Electric Solar because they were the most professional of the handful of companies we interviewed. One of them didn’t even show up, and another criticized all of his competitors. For the most part, we’re very happy with the work they’ve done so far. I dropped a star from my review because they did leave a bit of a mess at times, though they didn’t really have access to clean those areas up. The techs were courteous and professional, and even worked through the rain. Also, while our system isn’t online yet, our panels really look great. I’ll update this review once we’ve been up and running for a bit.

  • Jose – San Diego

    I can’t recommend Baker Electric highly enough! This is a team of truly professional electricians who know what they’re doing inside and out. My rep told me right away that I would need a new electrical panel that could handle my solar system. There was about a 3 month wait for the city permitting to come through, but Baker Electric communicated with me frequently to update me on the project’s status. When we got the approval, the electrician did a very detail-oriented job with the panel and labeled each wire. Then the solar system was installed in 1 day! They also cleaned up very well. They earned all 5 stars!

  • Alan – Escondido

    My solar installation could not have gone better. My salesperson was very knowledgeable and didn’t pressure me at all, and every step of the process happened on schedule. Afterwards, they took the time to explain everything about how the system and answer all of my questions. They even called to check in and see how we were making out. Very professional!

  • Monica – San Diego

    We recently had Baker Electric install solar on our home, and I have nothing but great things to say about them! Their customer service was excellent, and everyone on the team worked very hard to coordinate with each other and make sure everything was completed on time. We chose them for their local reputation and deep knowledge of the industry, and we know we made the right choice.

  • Brad – San Diego

    I did my research before choosing Baker Electric Solar. They install the very best panels available, they’re a well-established company in San Diego, and they have great reviews. My project manager did an excellent job of explaining all of the various design and payment options in clear language. All of the staff I dealt with at Baker Electric were very knowledgeable and courteous. The best part is that I’ve pretty much eliminated my SDGE bills!

  • Scott – San Diego

    My Baker Electric project manager did an excellent job of communicating with me and sending me updates on the status of my project, and letting me know about needed changes. They handled all of the permitting, and scheduled the install right after the approvals came in from the city and our HOA. They completed the install right on schedule. Very professional company.

  • Jeff – Escondido

    We just had Baker Electric install our Sunpower panels. What we didn’t like was the fact that the entire process took a full six months. I don’t think that’s their fault though - it had to go through several layers of approvals from the city, the utility, and our HOA, and these things take time. Fortunately they handled all of that for us, so the process was pretty painless on our end. We love seeing how much our system is producing through the smartphone app, and especially how much money we’re saving!

  • Pat – San Diego

    It took over half a year to get our system installed with Baker Electric, due to backordered equipment, paperwork issues, and all of the permitting and approvals. Not all of it was Baker Electric’s fault, but I think that amount of time is excessive. The actual installation itself was the easiest part.

    UPDATE: We have been approved to turn the system on, and are very happy with our system. They are actually over-producing, so we expect a credit on our utility bill!