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Semper Solaris is a veteran-run, NABCEP-certified solar installer serving San Diego, Los Angeles, Bay Area, Sacramento, Monterey, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

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  • Sung – Hayward

    The guys at Semper Solaris do a top-notch job. I’ve referred them to about a dozen friends, and all of them have been extremely pleased with the company. They do everything as quickly as possible. While the process can take a while, that’s the fault of SDG&E - they can take ages to schedule an inspection date. For their part, Semper really strives to do quality installations and give superior customer service. They also support our vets! I highly recommend Semper Solaris.

  • Lily – Bakersfield

    I chose Semper Solaris for its combination of quality and low price. They had great reviews on yelp, and I wasn’t disappointed. My sales rep took the time to answer all of my questions and give me all the information I needed to make the right decisions. I really like that they use Sunpower panels, which are the best equipment around. It took about 2 and a half months from the time I signed the contract until system installation. While this was longer than I wanted to wait, my understanding is that this was because of SDG&E. The installation team was very efficient and professional. They even concerned themselves with the little things, like painting the conduit to match my house. Awesome experience.

  • Hika – Los Angeles

    If you want the solar company with the best equipment and work ethic, go with Semper Solaris. My rep provided superior customer service, and gave me all the facts on the quality of their panels so I could see for myself. My system is now producing more power than I need with fewer panels than I would have needed from the other guys, and getting a credit on my electric bill. These guys are vets, so I knew they’d do a great job. Thanks to every one at Semper Solaris!

  • Stephen – San Diego

    I am very pleased with Semper Solaris. I was impressed with how knowledgeable they are - everyone I dealt with was able to answer my questions, and very courteous too. They even told me what they were doing through each step of the install. The best part is that they were able to install my system AHEAD of schedule! I definitely recommend getting a quote from this company.

  • Ron – Los Angeles

    Our rep was extremely helpful. He right-sized our system for our needs, rather than trying to upsell us. Every step of the process occurred on schedule, and the entire experience was fast and flawless. We are now saving a ton on energy. I highly recommend this company.

  • Pete – San Diego

    We are very satisfied with our purchase. We paid for the system up front, and love that we’re not paying the electric company at all anymore! The entire process from the initial quote to activation took a little over 3 months. It may have taken longer than usual because of the holidays, and then our HOA had to approve it too. Even though it took a while, everyone at Semper was extremely quick to respond to our questions. We love seeing how much the panels are producing and how much we’re using in the app. The veteran’s discount is also great.

  • Michael – Los Angeles

    We talked to several companies before making a decision, and our rep from Semper was definitely the best informed. He really took the time to explain the technology and all of the options to us, and wasn’t at all pushy. The entire process went very smoothly. When we had some questions about our first bill from the electric co, our rep came out the same day to review it with us! This company clearly prides itself on excellent customer service.

  • Marcella – San Francisco

    I was blown away by Semper’s knowledge, customer service, and the quality of their equipment. They install the best panels on the market (made in the USA) and offer an excellent warranty, all at a very reasonable cost. They did a very thorough job of answering all of my questions, and always got back to me quickly. Highly recommended.

  • Nate – San Diego

    We’ve had our system for about a year now and we’re very pleased with Semper Solaris. All of the people we interacted with were very helpful. The techs did a great job with the install - fast and clean. I love seeing how low my electric bill is now. I highly recommend this company if you’re thinking of going solar.

  • Sam – Bakersfield

    I’m always very careful when committing to a large purchase, so I asked my Semper sales rep a ton of questions and took several months to make a decision. He was very patient and never pressured me at all. He really knew the solar business and how the technology works, so I learned a lot from him. I eventually came to the conclusion that they offered the best equipment on the market, and would do a great job. Not everything was perfect, but jobs like this are complex. My rep was extremely helpful and responsive from beginning to end.



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