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Cutting-edge technology, including all-black solar panels, solar roof tiles, and battery storage packs.

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Solar-Panels: 20 / years

Solar-Tiles: 20 / years

Batteries: 20 / years


Featured Reviews

  • Dennis – Sacramento

    Solarcity’s customer service made everything from signing the contract to learning how my system works super easy. They’re really good at keeping you informed and in the loop. I wasn’t entirely sure about going solar, but it’s been pretty painless, thanks to their staff and technicians. Everything’s up and running now, and I’m referring SolarCity to all my friends in Sacramento.

  • Cliff – Milpitas

    Going solar and choosing the right company is a BIG decision, but I’m really happy I chose Solar City! They really focus on customer service - and it showed from the very beginning. I don’t think any other company has ever worked so hard to make sure I had a great experience. My rep was awesome! He replied to my emails and calls pretty fast, and made sure to answer all of my questions. The office staff and sales staff are also all very nice and professional. My rep came to my house and explained everything and was very thorough. Just waiting for the inspection at this point before turning it on! CAn’t wait to start saving money!!

  • Hillary – San Diego

    This is a well-known company but they didn’t do a good job of letting me know what was going on. They only communicated with me once over a couple months before I cancelled my install. Makes you wonder what kind of job they’ll do when they don’t communicate with you from the start. I’ll be going with a local San Diego company.

  • Liz – Petaluma

    At the moment I’m giving them 4 stars. Everything went really well, from beginning to end, with good communication the entire time. I’ll update my review later on after I’ve had the system awhile.

  • Joe – Riverside

    I just installed my 2nd Solar City system on my new home in Riverside. This time around, they dropped the ball on communication and I had to keep calling them to keep things on track. Everything went great afterwards tho. I really like the low-mounted rack, which gives the panels a low profile. The technicians were very thorough and made sure everything was perfect, and our salesman took the time to explain everything really well.

  • Jeannie – Santa Ana

    We had many problems with our Solar City installation - they showed up for an inspection when we weren’t there and installed equipment without asking us about the location, and there were a few other issues as well. Our utility in Santa Ana took forever to approve the system, and I think Solar City should have done more to get them going on that.

  • Ed – Martinez

    Everybody we worked with at Solar City was helpful and nice. The lease option is also great - it let us get solar without having a huge down payment. The rep at home depot convinced us to set up a home appointment. The best part was the salesperson, who was very low-pressure, we were very comfortable with him. Everyone gave us the time we needed to make a decision.

  • Barry – San Francisco

    I’m happy with my system, but not with the pg&e true-up bill on top of it. The install itself went great. Everyone from the energy advisor to customer service and the technicians were great. I got started with solar from solar city for almost nothing down, and they insure, monitor, and warranty my system for free! Energy is incredibly expensive here, and now I have a predictable rate that will never change! We did have a bit of roof leakage that wasn’t there fault - they got a subcontractor to fix out, and now we’re good to go!

  • Rosemary – Vacaville

    I’m very happy with the install and the entire experience so far, but we’ll see how things go when it comes online. I plan to update my review once the system has been on for a few months.

  • Kate – Sacramento

    Solar City is great! Everyone who communicated with us did an excellent job. They handled all of the permitting, paperwork, and “hard stuff” for us, and most of it is really convenient, because it happens online. They kept us in the loop and met their timelines. The whole process only took 3 months, and it all went very smoothly on our end!



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