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Sunrun is one of the nation's leading residential installers, and bestcompany's #1 solar company of 2016.

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Solar-Panels: 20 / years

Batteries: 20 / years


Featured Reviews

  • Mary – San Diego

    Sunrun just installed my new system a couple days ago. From the start, everything from sales to installation to inspection went very smoothly. Afterwards, my project manager Brian made sure everything was cleaned up and that the system looked nice. It passed inspection with flying colors. Thanks Sunrun!

  • John – San Diego

    Sunrun gave us an excellent experience from start to finish. I did have a small issue with the installation, but our consultant and project manager fixed it for us.

    They also made sure to get us the best deal on our solar array, and as far as I can tell, they also have the best referral bonus of all the solar companies. Solar makes financial sense for most people, so I definitely recommend checking Sunrun out. Daniel Maduell was my solar consultant - he’ll be able to answer all your questions. If you use my name as a referral (John F. from Anaheim), we’ll both get bonuses!

  • Gerry – Los Angeles

    I decided to go solar to help the environment, and went with a local solar company in San Diego that partners with Sun Run because of their zero-down ad. I was surprised to find out that only people who use a lot of energy are eligible for the zero down offer - you’d think they would specify that in their ads. Apparently I don’t use that much energy, so I needed to put down about 10k to get my Sun Run system. I won’t get an ROI until about 17 years from now. That said, the staff was great to work with, and the entire process did go smoothly. I like that I can monitor how much my system is producing over the Internet.

  • Mark – Bay Area

    I had been thinking about going solar for a while, but the sales rep, Jesse, really gave me the information and confidence I needed to finally take the plunge. He explained everything thoroughly and patiently answered all of my questions, without being pushy about buying. Charles and all of the technicians were very friendly and professional. They had a great work ethic too - they worked hard to route the conduit so that it would look nice, and then paint it to match my home. These guys are very detail oriented and hard working. I’m very pleased with my experience with Sunrun.

  • Bill – Fresno

    I’m happy with my system from Sunrun, but I’m not saving as much as I expected. With what I’m paying per kwh (0.27), I’m not sure it was worth getting as many panels as I did - I’d recommend getting enough to get rid of most but not all of your PG&E bill. You’ll still get pretty hefty bills from both at the end of the year, since Sunrun charges you for the extra extra your system generates.

  • Crystal – Los Angeles

    We chose Sunrun to put a Solar System on our home in Bakersfield, partly because our rep Kirk gave such a good presentation. His was the best out of the three companies we interviewed. He really helped us understand the payment options and financial benefits of each one, as well as the entire process. We took a while to make our final decision, and he didn’t push us to sign up at all.

    The installation crew was very prompt, efficient, and professional. They were also pleasant, and more than happy to answer all of my questions throughout the process. The system looks really nice. We are just waiting for the inspection and final Permission to Operate. I’m happy to give the team at Sunrun a 5 star review.

  • Eileen – Bay Area

    I had been encouraging my husband to go solar for about a year. We finally decided to do it, and 8 months later, I consider it one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I did a lot of research on the different kinds of panels first. I knew that with our small roof size, we’d need to make the most of some really good ones. I also researched the inverters.

    We talked with 6 companies, all of who said they could meet our needs, but I knew that REC Solar was the only one who could do it, since they use smaller, more powerful panels. We’ve now had our system for 9 months, and it’s producing above and beyond expectations. We only pay the minimum fee of $5 to the electric co. We are very impressed with REC Solar, and very happy with our experience.

  • Jeff – Fresno

    REC solar installed the system on my home in San Diego. They are a very organized and above board company. I spoke with three companies, but they did a good job of explaining everything involved in the process, and answered all of my questions quickly. Also, Costco went with REC solar for its own solar array, so I figured I could trust them too. John was my rep, and he held my hand through the whole thing. There was no “fine print”, and everything went as planned. I am saving money, and SDGE even owes me some!

  • Laura – Sacramento

    We had Sunrun install solar on our home in Petaluma in 2015. We had our reservations, but the process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Our rep James really held our hand and made sure we understood all of the options. The installation workers also did a great job. They were fast, quiet, and clean, and very respectful of our property. If you’re looking to go solar, I highly recommend Sunrun.




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