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Amergy Solar is an active and growing solar energy contractor in the northeast United States, having installed more than 9,000 residential and commercial solar energy systems for clients in New York and New Jersey.

Amergy Solar, Inc. is a full-service solar energy installation company based in Piscataway, NJ, less than 40 miles from New York City. The company recruits clients in the residential and commercial sectors in New Jersey and New York, and is also active in the Massachusetts and California markets.

Business executive Bill Wang founded Amergy Solar in 2009, and has served as its President ever since. His ambition was to provide customized and innovative solar energy solutions to customers throughout the greater New York City area.

In the past decade, Amergy Solar has installed more than 9,000 residential solar power systems and approximately 300 commercial solar systems. They've had particular success introducing solar energy to the borough of Staten Island, where 90 percent of currently existing solar panel arrays were installed by Amergy.

Amergy Solar takes full control of its installation projects. It handles design, engineering, permitting, installation, system connection, testing, and monitoring, with no

reliance on subcontractors. Amergy Solar puts a major emphasis on providing high-quality solar equipment and materials, selling and installing solar panels made in the United States by SunPower, or by other well-known brand names including Panasonic and LG. Its inverters are manufactured by Solar Edge Technologies and Enphase, two of the better-known manufacturers of essential solar components.

The financial services department at Amergy Solar offers clients access to solar loans through multiple affiliated lenders, and informs them about all tax credits, rebates, and other renewable energy incentives available in their state or city. For clients who would prefer no-money-down rental arrangements, Amergy Solar offers both solar leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Over the past several years, Amergy Solar has consistently ranked among the Top 200 Solar Contractors in the country, according to Solar Power World magazine. On an annual basis, the capacity of its installations has frequently surpassed the 10-megawatt mark.


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