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Baker Electric Home Energy is a San Diego-based solar energy design, engineering and installation firm with more than 10,000 clients in the commercial and residential solar sectors.

Baker Electric Home Energy is the business name for NB Baker Electric, Inc. The company designs, engineers, and installs residential and commercial solar energy systems in Southern California. Their parent company, Baker Electric, Inc., is an electrical construction and installation contractor. Both enterprises are headquartered in Escondido, California.

While Baker Electric Home Energy was incorporated in 2007, Baker Electric was founded by electrician Leroy Baker in 1938. Baker family industries have been in operation for four generations, and Leroy Baker's great grandson, Theodore Baker, is now the CEO of Baker Electric Home Energy.

In just over a decade, Baker Electric Home Energy has grown into one of the more successful solar companies in the San Diego area. They have installed approximately 8,600 residential and more than 2,000 commercial solar systems, primarily in San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties.

As a turnkey solar company, Baker Electric Home Energy handles all aspects of its solar projects, including design, engineering, installation, permitting,

testing, grid connections and long-term repairs and maintenance. In addition to solar panels, they also sell and install solar batteries and Smart Home Energy Management systems.

Baker Electric Home Energy is a recognized Elite Dealer for SunPower, acting as a facilitator for homeowners and business owners interested in purchasing or leasing solar products from America's most prestigious solar manufacturer. They also sell made-in-the-USA solar panels and home batteries manufactured by LG and Panasonic, and are certified by Tesla as an official installer of Powerwall batteries.

Financing is available for Baker Electric Home Energy clients from third-party lenders, government renewable energy programs and from SunPower, which offers in-house funding for qualified customers. Baker clients always have the option of purchasing or leasing their solar panels.

Baker Electric, Inc. has been in business in San Diego for more than 80 years. Their reputation for excellence in electrical contracting has made them a major player in California's highly-competitive solar energy industry.


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Solar Roofing: 25 years

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