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Blue Raven Solar is a rapidly-growing, Utah-based, nationwide solar energy contractor that exclusively serves the residential sector.

Blue Raven Solar, LLC. is a privately-owned, full-service solar energy company that offers customized
design and installation services to homeowners in 10 states (Utah, Nevada, Florida, Oregon, Illinois,
Idaho, South Carolina, North Carolina, Washington, and Colorado).

The company was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneurs Ryan Lee, Jeff Lee, and Tyler Peschke. The
three remain with the company as Chairman, Chief Financial Officer, and Vice President of Sales
Operations respectively. The current CEO at Blue Raven Solar is Ben Peterson, who previously worked at
the international management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The company is backed financially
by the private equity firm Peterson Partners, which has over $1 billion in corporate investments in its

Blue Raven Solar is headquartered in American Fork, Utah. But it also has offices in Portland, Raleigh,
Boise, Chicago, Denver, Charleston, Orlando, Las Vegas, and several smaller cities. The company has
expanded aggressively from its initial Utah operating base, and since opening in 2014, has

installed more
than 4,300 residential solar power systems in the states it serves.

The exclusive focus at Blue Raven Solar is on residential solar energy. They design, install, monitor, and
maintain rooftop solar panel arrays for homeowners across the country. Blue Raven customer
representatives will take care of all permitting requirements and inform clients of any rebates or tax
credits for which they might be eligible.

Blue Raven helps customers finance solar purchases through its Blue Power Plus +, lending program,
which offers fixed monthly repayment rates and an 18-month deferment before the first payment is
due. Under Blue Power Plus +, total costs are less than they are for a traditional PPA or solar lease
(neither of which is available from Blue Raven).

In less than five years of existence, Blue Raven Solar has gone from a small start-up to a well-established
solar company with a substantial national presence. Their brand is rapidly gaining name recognition and
the company is determined to expand their coast-to-coast market share even further.


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