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Built Well Solar is one of the oldest and most respected solar energy installers in New York, and the firm specializes in helping commercial, residential, and non-profit properties throughout Long Island.

The firm opened in 2001 and serves a broad range of customers, including secondary schools and government facilities. Built Well Solar takes pride in being on the cutting edge of technology and equipment, and it offers a variety of products such as photovoltaic solar panels.

The company's employees can answer questions during every step of the transitioning process, and each property is assigned a project manager to ensure everything

goes smoothly. Some of the available services from Built Well Solar include property evaluation, custom system design, equipment installation, and initial testing to make sure the system functions correctly.

Potential clients can contact Built Well Solar free of charge to ask questions.

Built Well Solar can be reached through its website at or its phone number 1-516-695-1000.


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Solar System: 25 years
Battery System: N/A years
Roofing: N/A years
Solar Roofing: N/A years

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