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Circular Energy is a Texas-based electrical services contractor that designs and installs large-scale commercial solar power plants for private companies and public institutions.

Circular Energy is a privately-held energy services contractor that is headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. The company has also affiliated offices in Austin and Lubbock. Circular Energy is divided into two subsidiaries: Circular Energy (formerly known as Pro Power Providers, or PPP), which sells fixed-rate electricity services packages to residential customers, and Circular Solar, which designs and installs solar energy systems for clients in the commercial, business, industrial, and institutional sectors.

Circular Energy was founded in 2009 by tech industry entrepreneur JC Shore, who ran the company along with CEO James Steffes initially out of an office in Austin, TX. In 2014, Circular Energy merged with Pro Power Provider (PPP), a residential and commercial electricity services contractor. Circular Energy moved its base of operations to Fort Worth, scuttled the PPP brand and eliminated its residential solar services section. The current management team is

led by President Robert Schleider and Executive Vice President Chris Paul (Shore and Steffes are no longer with the company).

Circular Energy is a turnkey solar contractor that handles every facet of their commercial solar PV projects. They design, engineer, install, connect, test, monitor, and maintain rooftop or ground-mounted solar power plants, which can be scaled up to size to meet the needs of even the largest industrial operations. Circular Energy also sells and installs a rooftop solar wrap that can reduce conventional energy consumption by 10-30 percent.

Circular Energy/Circular Solar acquires commercial or institutional clients in three ways: 1) through partnerships with retail energy contractors, 2) through referrals and, 3) through direct-to-consumer marketing campaigns aimed at commercial developers. They offer no financing of their own, but will help potential clients find third-party lenders that support renewable energy projects.


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