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Complete Solar is a California solar energy contractor that relies on a partner-based strategy to provide residential customers with access to specialized solar services.

Complete Solar, which is also known as Complete Solar Solution, Inc., is a privately-owned solar energy contractor serving residential customers in California, Utah and New Jersey.

The company was founded in 2010 by brothers Will and Dave Anderson, who currently serve as CEO and CMO respectively. Originally based in San Mateo, CA, Complete Solar is now headquartered in San Ramon, which is just southeast of the Bay Area.

In 2016, Complete Solar adopted a radical new business model. In contrast to turnkey solar companies that manage every aspect of their solar projects, Complete Solar has established working partnerships with more than 50 smaller companies, which essentially act as its subcontractors.

Through their proprietary digital platform, called the HelioPro Alliance Program, Complete Solar connects independent solar contractors with homeowners interested in installing solar energy systems. Complete Solar acts a facilitator, fashioning customized solar solutions through their network of partner companies that specialize

in solar sales, system design, roofing repair, construction, financing, installation and post-installation maintenance and monitoring.

Complete Solar's proprietary software links residential customers with multiple third-party lenders, all of whom will help finance solar purchases. In addition to offering solar loans, Complete Solar also gives customers access to solar energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which guarantee low rates and require no upfront investment.

In their first year as a partner-centered enterprise, Complete Solar doubled their revenues. They've scaled up their installations to more than 200 homes per month, with a cumulative quarterly capacity of 3-4 megawatts. No longer limited by geography, Complete Solar can continue to expand operations nationally as their partner network grows. The Complete Solar model promotes horizontal specialization as an alternative to vertical integration, based on the assumption that specialized contractors can deliver speedier installation services at lower costs.


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