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Future Energy Savers is a family-owned, solar energy, and home improvement contractor that installs residential solar electric systems throughout the state of California.

Future Energy Savers, which is also known as Future Energy Corporation, is a solar energy installation contractor headquartered in Elk Grove, CA. While its base of operations is in Northern California, the company also has a presence in Southern California, through its affiliate office in Rancho Cucamonga.

Originally founded in 1978 as a home insulation contractor, Future Energy Savers began installing residential solar energy systems in 1999. Future Energy Savings is a family-owned business, and its founder and current CEO is Jeffrey Adkins. In addition to his involvement in Future Energy Savings, Jeffrey Adkins also manages the Adkins family vineyards.

Future Energy Savers has installed more than 6,500 residential solar panel arrays for California homeowners. Dedicated to supporting the U.S. solar manufacturing industry, Future Energy Savers has had long-standing relationships with Solar World-USA and SunPower, which are now united under one roof after the two companies merged in 2018. Future Energy Savers was named the SunPower dealer of the year in 2011 and has been designated a Platinum Installer

(their highest honor) by SolarWorld USA.

In addition to its involvement in solar energy, Future Energy Corporation also sells and installs other energy-saving products, including energy-efficient windows, HVAC equipment, indoor air quality technology, solar hot water systems, and battery backup systems for residential energy storage.

Future Energy Savers does not lease its solar panels. However, in order to facilitate purchases, they do help clients find financing opportunities from third-party sources, including lending institutions, government agencies, and private investment groups.

For their commitment to promoting home energy conservation, Future Energy Savers has received awards and acknowledgments from a number of energy companies and public agencies, including the Los Angeles Department of Power and Water, Pacific Gas and Electric, the San Diego Gas and Electric Company, and the Southern California Gas Company. In recognition of his influence in the solar industry, CEO Jeffrey Adkins was recruited to participate in former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Solar Roof Initiative.


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