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Horizon Solar Power is a solar energy design and installation contractor in Southern California, affiliated with Solar Spectrum, Inc., the new name for Sungevity.

Horizon Solar Power, Inc. is a privately-owned solar energy company that serves customers in the
greater Los Angeles area, specifically in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Located in the town of
Temecula, Horizon was founded in 1998 but only began designing and installing solar panels in 2008.

In 2017, Horizon Solar Power merged with an Oakland, California-based solar company called Solar
Spectrum, Inc. The latter enterprise was created in that same year by a private investment firm called
Northern Pacific Group (NPG). Solar Spectrum, Inc. was the new name for Sungevity, which was bought
out by NPG in 2017.

The CEO of Horizon Solar Power is Frank J. Kneller, an experienced business executive who came on
board immediately after the merger with Solar Spectrum. Following that transaction, Horizon inherited
Sungevity's technology, installer networks and much of its physical and corporate infrastructures.

While its business structure has evolved, Horizon Solar Power has continued

to function as a
turnkey/EPC solar energy company, managing all elements of solar design, installation, repair, and
maintenance for its residential and commercial customers. Horizon supplies customers with top-quality
solar products obtained from multiple U.S.-based manufacturers, including SolarWorld, LG Solar,
SolarEdge Technologies, Emphasize Energy and SMA America.

Horizon can help those interested in purchasing solar energy equipment find third-party financing for
solar loans, but their specialty is no-money-down, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that provide
customers with affordable, fixed electricity rates for 20 years or more.

Since 2008, Horizon has installed more than 4,500 solar residential systems and more than 100 rooftop
and ground-mounted solar arrays for small, medium, and large commercial enterprises. The company
carries an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been named a Top 10 Solar Power
Contractor over multiple years by independent analysts.


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