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Kasselman Solar high-efficiency solar energy systems for commercial and residential properties that require little maintenance and can be monitored 24/7 using apps available on smartphones.

The firm primarily serves New York and installs its equipment with a 30-year guarantee to ensure clients can enjoy their new energy system for decades to come. Kasselman Solar hires the most qualified professionals who provide services like roof assessment, custom system design, some assistance with permitting, and full equipment installation.

Kasselman Solar is an affiliate of Kasselman Electric, which possesses over 60

years of experience in the industry. The firm strives to remain up to date with new developments and technologies, and it takes pride in the quality of the photovoltaic solar panels it installs.

Potential customers can choose whether they would prefer to own or lease the equipment from the company.

Kasselman Solar can be reached through its website at or its phone number 518-478-8365.


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Solar System: 25 years
Battery System: 25 years
Roofing: N/A years
Solar Roofing: 10 years

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