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Smart Energy Today installs residential and commercial rooftop solar power systems, along with other home improvement products, in the Pacific Northwest.

Smart Energy Today, Inc. is a privately-owned solar energy design and installation company based in Washington state. While solar power is a priority, they are also a fully-licensed roofing and home improvement contractor. Smart Energy Today sells and installs a range of products that can help homeowners and business owners reduce costs and improve energy efficiency, including: conventional insulation, insulation blankets, air ventilation systems, and whole-house fans.

Rex Schade, a marketing and investment specialist, founded Smart Energy Today in 2012. He currently serves as the company CEO in addition to being its owner. Smart Energy Today's headquarters are located in Olympia, Washington.

Smart Energy Today has traditionally marketed its solar power installation services to clients in three states: Washington, Oregon and California. But the company has now expanded its operations and is taking orders for solar panels and other energy-efficiency products in Idaho, Montana, and Pennsylvania.

As a turnkey solar contractor, Smart Energy Today manages every

aspect of its solar energy projects. This includes site evaluation, design and development, procurement, permitting, installation, electrical and grid connections, quality testing, monitoring, and maintenance. The company has installed between 1,500 and 2,000 residential solar power systems in total and is actively seeking clients in the commercial sphere.

Smart Energy Today does not offer direct financing for solar purchases. It does, however, help clients connect with financial institutions that fund renewable energy investments. Customer service representatives also provide financial guidance for clients on topics like rebates, tax credits or government loan programs that can help cover the cost of a solar purchase.

In 2015, Smart Energy Today was ranked as the eighth fastest-growing private energy company in America and the second fastest-growing private company (any category) in Washington. Since then, the company's expansion has only accelerated, as it pursues its ambition of becoming a nationally-recognized solar installation and energy-efficiency contractor.


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Solar System: 25 years
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Roofing: 15 years
Solar Roofing: 15 years

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