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Solar Dad and Sons is a professional solar energy company which serves Long Island residents and takes pride in offering photovoltaic panels in addition to other services, including solar hot water and pool heating.

The firm operates out of New York and provides many services, including custom system design, site evaluation, full equipment installation, and regular maintenance and repairs on equipment. It even has a 24/7 emergency service to handle drastic repairs or dangerous situations. Some employees can also help clients maximize their tax incentives and rebates to make transitioning to solar

easier on the wallet.

Solar Dad and Sons possesses over 19 years of experience in the industry and remains a family owned and operated business. Solar Power World magazine added the company to its list of Top Solar Power Contractors in the United States.

Solar Dad and Sons can be reached through its website at or its phone number 631-335-1882.


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Solar System: 10 years
Battery System: 10 years
Roofing: N/A years
Solar Roofing: N/A years

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