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Solar Topps is a SunPower elite dealer which strives to provide its commercial and residential clients throughout Arizona with the highest quality solar energy equipment. The firm continues to apply scientific principles to all of its designs to ensure customers receive the most use from their solar energy systems.

Solar Topps opened in 2009 and has since been recognized as the Largest Solar Installer by The Phoenix Business Journal. The company is also within the upper half of the Top 100 Solar Contractors as noted by Solar World Magazine. The firm claims to have the highest customer service ratings in the industry and to offer the most technologically advanced photovoltaic solar panels.

Interested individuals can request a broad range of services from Solar Topps. The firm features qualified employees who will evaluate a property's solar power capabilities, design and build a custom energy system, help with permitting, and install all of the equipment.

Solar Topps can be reached through its website at or its phone number 480-940-1201.


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Solar System: 25 years
Battery System: N/A years
Roofing: N/A years
Solar Roofing: N/A years

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