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SunPower by Stellar Solar is a solar energy design and installation firm that has been serving customers in the San Diego area for more than 20 years.

SunPower by Stellar Solar, sometimes referred to simply as Stellar Solar, is a Southern California solar design and installation company that serves clients in both the residential and commercial sectors. Its headquarters isa in Oceanside, which is located 38 miles north of San Diego, CA.

The enterprise that started as Stellar Solar Electric was founded in 1998 by serial entrepreneur Kent Harle, who currently serves as the company President. Founding partners Brian Grems and Michael Powers also remain on the Stellar Solar team, serving as Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Sales and Marketing respectively.

Since opening for business in 1998, SunPower by Stellar Solar has completed more than 7,000 solar energy projects for homeowners in San Diego and Orange Counties. They've also installed more than 20 megawatts of solar capacity in the commercial/institutional sector for a diverse group of clients including manufacturers, hospitals, schools, churches, auto dealerships,

non-profit groups, and government agencies.

The official company name was chosen as an acknowledgment of Stellar Solar's official standing as a SunPower Master Dealer. They've installed more American-made SunPower solar panels than any other solar firm in the San Diego area.

With expertise in all areas of solar energy, SunPower by Stellar Solar is a full-service solar PV contractor. They will organize and manage every dimension of a residential or commercial project, including design, engineering, installation, permitting, grid connection, and system testing and maintenance.

In coordination with SunPower, Stellar Solar offers potential clients opportunities to lease solar panels for no money down. They can also help clients who want to purchase rooftop or ground-mounted panels find solar loans through third-party lenders.

Between 2010 and 2018, SunPower by Stellar Solar was voted Best Solar Company in the region six times by readers of the San Diego Union-Tribune.


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