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People seeking a solar power company which boosts local industry would be interested in Sunny Energy, a residential solar installer which uses equipment made in the United States. The firm additionally hires local professionals to boost the regional economy.

Sunny Energy provides numerous financing options for potential clients. Interested individuals can purchase photovoltaic solar panels and the rest of the equipment outright, can register for financing, or can sign leases. The firm encourages customers to take advantage of federal rebates, and specialists will help clients receive the maximum amount available.

The company offers a variety of services. Qualified professionals will

examine each residence to determine whether or not it can handle solar energy, create and design a unique energy system, install all of the equipment, and then perform the initial powering on. Sunny Energy currently serves residents throughout Arizona and has served almost 3,000 clients since the company's beginning.

Sunny Energy can be reached through its website at or its phone number 480-257-3283.


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Solar Roofing: N/A years

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