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SunPower is a major solar manufacturing player, with a vast network of dealers and installers that sell and install their registered products around the globe.

SunPower is a U.S.-based solar energy industry giant. As America's most acclaimed manufacturer of photovoltaic solar panels for residential, commercial, public, community, and utility-scale solar energy projects, its brand has become synonymous with superior solar technology.

The forerunner to SunPower, EOS Electric Power, was founded in 1985 in San Jose, California by Stanford University solar energy researchers Richard Swanson and Richard Crane. They were joined by another pioneer in the solar industry, Robert Lorenzini, in 1988, at which time the company name was changed to SunPower. Their current CEO and Chairman of the Board is Thomas Werner, a well-known business executive with extensive experience in the tech industry.

Since their founding, SunPower has been awarded more than 750 patents. They sell their products through a network of official SunPower dealers located in more than 40 states, with affiliated installers trained to handle all installation-related tasks.

In fiscal year 2018, SunPower's worldwide revenue was approximately $1.73 billion. Its product line includes complete solar energy systems for homeowners,

commercial interests and utility companies, battery storage solutions for businesses, and flexible solar panels for small-scale, mobile applications. Its full-package solar installations have generated more than 18 million megawatts of electricity for clients on six continents.

SunPower sells the most efficient solar panels in the world. The latest entry in its X-Series, the X22-370 Residential DC Panel, boasts an efficiency rating of 22.7 percent. Like most of SunPower's solar panels, those from the X-Series are constructed from its Maxeon® solar cells, which have broken all previous marks for sunlight-to-electricity conversion efficiency.

In financing, SunPower has assumed the role of an independent third-party facilitator. Through its affiliated dealers, it helps residential and commercial clients secure comprehensive private and/or public financing packages. Meanwhile, solar leasing of SunPower systems is made available through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

SunPower has become a true global powerhouse. They've helped transform the solar industry with relentless technological innovation and seamless vertical integration.


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