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Sunpro Solar is a residential and commercial solar energy contractor in Southern California, and has been designated an elite dealer of SunPower solar products.

Sunpro Solar, Inc. is a Southern California solar energy design and installation company located in the city of Wildomar in Riverside County. Sunpro Solar functions as a full-service solar energy firm, handling every aspect of its solar photovoltaic projects (design, engineering, installation, permitting, grid connection, etc.) for residential and commercial clients.

Sunpro Solar officially opened for business in 2008. It was founded by Adam Evans and Jesse Green, two young entrepreneurs with experience in the construction industry. Both are natives of Riverside County, and they launched Sunpro Solar with an eye on serving the renewable energy market to the east and south of Los Angeles.

Sunpro Solar has installed more than 13,000 kilowatts of solar capacity for nearly 2,000 residential and commercial clients. As a SunPower elite dealer, Sunpro Solar sells and installs equipment manufactured exclusively in the United States by SunPower.

Its choice for residential projects is SunPower's trademarked Equinox system, an all-in-

one package comprised of high-efficiency SunPower solar panels, inverters and monitoring equipment. Sunpro Solar handles a variety of solar projects for their commercial customers, constructing solar carports and ground-mounted arrays in addition to their standard rooftop installations.

Sunpro Solar offers financing services for clients who cannot afford to purchase solar panels upfront. Funding for solar energy investments is provided by third-party lenders with established solar loan programs. Solar energy systems can also be leased through Sunpro Solar and SunPower jointly, with SunPower retaining ownership of the panels for the 20-year term of the lease.

Most Sunpro Solar clients are recruited through its website. The remainder are secured through social media contacts, referrals and direct marketing campaigns.

In 2015, Sunpro Solar was named a Top 5 national finalist for the prestigious SunPower Intelligent Award. This annual honor recognizes excellence in performance in solar energy design, installation and service.


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