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Sunshare specializes in community solar, a model in which customers subscribe to an existing community solar garden comprised of thousands of solar panels that sends energy directly to the grid. The utility then credits subscribers for the energy the garden contributes to the grid. The combined amount that members pay Sunshare and the utility each month is typically less than continuing with the utility alone.

Joining a community solar garden is one of the easiest ways to start using renewable energy, because there's no need for a rooftop installation on the subscriber's home. Customers simply agree to buy solar energy from Sunshare's centralized installation through the grid over a period of 20 or 25 years.

While subscribers don't receive tax credits, community plans eliminate the need for solar system maintenance, repairs, and replacement. It also makes moving to a new home as easy as transferring the subscription to a new

address. The biggest advantage of a community plan, however, is that anyone can participate, including people who live in condominiums, apartments, and homes that aren't eligible for rooftop systems.

Headquartered in Denver, Sunshare has been growing solar gardens in Denver and Colorado Springs since 2011. It sells its energy to Xcel Energy and Colorado Springs Utilities.

Sunshare maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It can be reached through its website at, or by phone at (800) 793-0786.


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