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West Coast Solar is a full-service solar design and installation company that operates in 21 counties in Northern California.

West Coast Solar, Inc. is a residential and commercial solar energy contractor headquartered in Brentwood, California, in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. West Coast Solar specializes in customized installations of solar photovoltaic solar energy systems, including roofing services (if required).

The company was co-founded in 2007 by Aaron Bryant (now company CEO) and Jeffery Tamayo (now company President). West Coast Solar was the first solar venture for both Bryant and Tamayo. Bryant had previously been the CEO at a pool installation company, while Tamayo was an executive for a roofing company.

West Coast Solar does not disclose specific information about the number of solar energy systems they'e installed in the residential and commercial sectors, but they are now active in over 21 California counties, covering a broad area from Sacramento and Santa Rosa in the north to San Jose and Salinas in

the south. They are a turnkey solar company, handling all aspects of each solar project including design, engineering, procurement, installation, permitting, financing, testing, and maintenance.

Financing is available for residential and commercial customers, from a range of private local, state, and national lenders. West Coast Solar also helps homeowners obtain PACE loans. In addition to solar sales, West Coast Solar offers solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for homeowners who are ready to go solar but prefer to avoid a significant upfront investment.

West Coast Solar gets its best photovoltaic panels from Canadian Solar, which manufactures products in Canada and China. In addition to solar panels, West Coast Solar also sells and installs solar thermal systems for water heating, solar home batteries for storage, and home automation systems for integrated appliance and energy system management.


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Solar System: 25 years
Battery System: 25 years
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Solar Roofing: 25 years

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