Solar Tribune

Should I go solar?

If you pay over $100 per month for electricity, own your home, and have over 100 square feet of unshaded roof space, you’re likely a great candidate for solar.

Which system is right for me?

Solar panels of roofing?

If you’re roof is relatively new, choose solar panels. If you need a new roof soon, solar tiles or roofing might be your best bet.

Should I purchase batteries?

If you’re not able to sell power back to the grid at a good rate, or are concerned about outages, batteries might be a good investment.

What parts will be installed?

Learn about the equipment that will be installed.

How do I pay for my system?

Should I lease or buy?

Purchasing solar panels outright will yield a greater return on your investment than leasing, but leasing offers a level of convenience that may appeal to certain users.

How much will I pay?

The improving economics of solar panels continue to draw in more and more homeowners to the residential solar marketplace.

What incentives do I qualify for?

Eligibility requirements vary for federal, state, municipal, and utility-based programs, but owning your solar energy system rather than leasing is an essential upfront requirement.

Which company is right for me?

Determine your priorities, develop a short-list, and compare offers to get the best deal.