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Winning the Clean Energy Economy, Greatly


Let’s stop fighting climate change. For the next four years, it’s all about winning the clean energy economy.

President-elect Donald Trump is looking for bi-partisan wins that create jobs, “big league.” Plans are being made and appointees are being selected, so the time to act is now. As activists, it’s our duty to sell clean energy effectively.

Only market-based solutions will do. We need to think in terms of subsidies, not caps and regulations. We need to think in terms of jobs created, not emissions reduced. And we need to speak in one voice–now more than ever.

We have a compelling story to tell. Money is being made and new industries are being created. 200,000 people work in solar. As costs decline, job growth accelerates greatly.

We’re catching energy from the sky, competing with China, and creating big league jobs. Let’s tell that story. Sure the energy is clean, but believe me, Donald Trump doesn’t really care.

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