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DIY ‘Plug & Save’ System Can Make PV Energy More Accessible


UK-based company Sun Invention has developed a new solar concept in the form of the first mobile solar panel called the Plug & Save Solar System.

These systems, also known as ‘Balcony Power Plants,’ represent the first generation of the possible future of micro-residential PV power systems. The do-it-yourself system comes with a built-in battery storage and inverter, with solar panels that you can plug into any standard home outlet.

“It’s as simple as putting together IKEA furniture,” says Holger Laudeley, the engineer responsible for developing this new modular all-in-one solar system.

Credit: Sun Invention

This new system consists of a conventional-looking 195kW solar panel with all the necessary solar equipment mounted on the back. It can be linked to up to 18 modules to make up a 3.51 kW solar system and can be used simply by pointing the panel towards the sun and plugging it in a normal socket.

The system can be hung on a building façade or railing, or it can be propped up on a balcony or garden using a free standing frame.

Sun Invention says its Plug & Save Solar System can reduce your power bill by up to 25 percent.

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