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Guide to Solar Thermal Energy


Solar Thermal Basics

Solar thermal systems turn the sun’s radiation into heat. Learn about solar thermal energy and how to take advantage of it in your home.


Types of Solar Thermal Collectorsthermosiphon-water-heater

Find out which type of solar collector is right for you: flat-plate, evacuated tube, batch systems or air collectors.


Solar Water Heating Basics

Learn the basics of solar hot water heating and whether active or passive hot water heating – such as a thermosiphon system – is right for you.


Components of a Solar Water Heating System

Learn about the components needed for a solar hot water heating system, including heat transfer fluidsheat exchangers and storage tanks.


Home Evaluation, System Sizing, Costs

Perform a home evaluation, learn about solar collector efficiency and how to select the proper  system size. Finally, estimate the annual cost.


Solar Pool Heating

Using solar thermal energy to heat your pool can really bring down your utility bill. Learn how you can use solar energy to heat your pool.


Solar Space Heating

You can use a solar thermal system to heat spaces in your home. Air space heating can directly heat the air in a room, while liquid space heating can be used as your central heating system.


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